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Jan 4, 2024 - Jan 4, 2024

How to Transform Your Classroom with AI

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Workshop Title: "Embracing the Future: How to Use AI to Transform Your Classroom" Workshop Overview: "Embracing the Future" is an interactive and hands-on workshop designed for educators who are eager to integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) into their teaching methodologies. This workshop provides a practical and engaging approach to understanding AI and its applications in the educational landscape. Target Audience: K-12 Teachers Higher Education Faculty Educational Technologists Curriculum Planners Workshop Duration: 1-Day Intensive Workshop 8 Hours (including breaks and interactive sessions) Sample Workshop Agenda: Welcome and Introduction to AI in Education Understanding the basics of AI. Exploring the impact of AI on the educational landscape. Interactive Session: AI Tools in Action Demonstrations of various AI tools used in education (adaptive learning platforms, AI-driven assessments). Group activities exploring these tools. Coffee Break (15 mins) Workshop: Personalized Learning with AI Hands-on session on setting up and customizing AI tools for different learning styles and needs Engaging Students with AI Using AI chatbots and gamification in classrooms. Activity: Creating an AI-enhanced learning game. AI Ethics and Classroom Integration

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